Services for recovery and recycling plants

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Thanks to many years of presence and experience gained abroad, Boz IMEX has developed a network of contacts with several European plants: for this reason, as dealer/broker regularly enrolled in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators we are able to offer good opportunities and solutions to recovery/recycling plants for the export of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and subsequent recovery (energy or material) rather than disposal.

The range of our services covers the whole procedure for waste export in full accordance with current legislation, namely:

  • preliminary verification of the environmental licenses of all involved parties (waste generator, destination plant, carriers, any dealers/brokers…);
  • transport documents arrangement;
  • organization of the logistics through long-time carriers (in turn regularly registered in the Register of Environmental Operators);
  • certification of the recovery and / or disposal of the waste in an environmentally sound manner

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