Services to steel works

With over three decades of experience in the sector, we are ideally placed for sourcing the right materials to precisely meet the requirements of our customers, whether they produce steel for construction (building-rod, wires, cables etc.) or for more specific areas of application (automotive etc.).

• Logistics

When the deal is done and the materials are despatched, we don’t sit back and have a cup of coffee.
Part of the Box IMEX service is to track the materials from departure to destination, reporting and liaising between suppliers, customers and transporters as necessary.
So if you are concerned about where the goods are, we are here to help.

• Geographical presence

Our corporate philosophy is about both exploiting modern web resources while maintaining a constant presence in strategic geographical locations.
We travel a great deal, procuring the very best materials to satisfy our customers’ quality and quantity demands.
But our geographical presence also provides us the opportunity for consolidating those customer/supplier relations which are already very active across most of Central and Eastern Europe, from Austria to Romania, from Czech Republic to Montenegro.